Ark Languages Tuition

Ark Languages Tuition was founded in 2007 by Steve Bridgeman MA Cert. Ed. MIfL, an experienced tutor of modern foreign languages. Steve has lectured at University level in France and England and has been teaching modern languages in England for the last five years.

We currently provide courses to groups learning for business and pleasure, individuals learning for holidays and individuals studying for exams, including GCSE's and A Levels. We can also teach French and German at University level and provide translation services.

Here are some of the courses we're currently running. The levels (A1, B1 etc.) refer to the Council of Europe's 'European Languages Portfolio' - you'll find a link to the website on the last page. Spanish: A1, B1, GCSE, Holiday Spanish, Business Spanish. French: GCSE, Conversation, Business French. German: A2, B2, A Level, GCSE, Business German. We can also provide English courses tailored to your needs. If you require English lessons, please contact us.