French Language & Culture

If you live in London and want to learn French in a friendly and stimulating environment, we provide you with a wide range of audiovisual materials to prepare for French exams, business or for everyday purposes. We teach all aspects of language: grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, writing, compositions, discussions, idioms and pronunciation. Taught by native French speakers/nationals fully qualified in teaching French as a foreign language and well versed in cross-cultural issues.

We provide social evenings, such as wine tasting, cinema and literary evenings to help practise your French in real situations. Due to requests from many of our business clients and students, we are now offering courses in German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. OH LA LA, so many language schools! One of the most important elements for us when teaching a new language is to immerse our students in the language and encourage them to interact as much as possible.