Purley Language College

Purley Language College is a language school in South London. The school was established in 1928 and is a family-owned and family-run school. The school is 20 minutes on the train from the centre of London. Open all year round to adults, teenagers and children. You can study with us for a short time, for example 1 week, or for a long time, for example 1 year. Groups of children, teenagers and adults come from more than 25 countries to study English in the school.

Accredited by the British Council and inspected by England's Independent Schools Inspectorate. Licenced by the UK Border Agency as a 'Highly-Trusted Sponsor'. 100 per cent pass rate in English language examinations. We also teach foreign languages and maths to children and adults living locally. Please contact us if you live locally and would like private tuition.