World Language School Newcastle

World Language School was founded in Peterborough in June 2003. We have a perfect location. Broadway is the main street in our city.

In the past, our building used to be the City court, the offices for the first newspaper in the city (evening telegraph), as well as the first cinema. What we use as class rooms now, were previously the cinema rooms. The initial purpose of the school was to only supply English courses. Today we offer a variety of courses to our students, such as IT courses, Study Holidays and European Language courses.

World Language School offers the lowest price in the market for the best quality service provided. As a result our main strength is focusing on our students and taking an individual approach to their needs. We maintained our family values and offer comprehensive support to our students.

The ability to learn a new language isn't just the reading and writing, but also ability to embrace a new culture. The school has a big advantage which is incorporating revolutionary methods which promote speaking and listening to the highest level. Our goal is not only to teach one more language to our students, but also to offer personal assistance, cultural and professional growth.