Deaf Umbrella

We have come from a good idea and like many good ideas it always seems so obvious when it has been done! We listened to Deaf people complaining about the services available to them back in 1999, through personal and family experience we saw and felt the frustrations regarding the long waiting times for services and support offered to people who are Deaf. We agreed about shortages of Interpreters, like so many others, but decided to act. We used our combined professional experience and knowledge to create the company you see today.

When I was thirteen, my mum suddenly lost her hearing as a result of a medical blunder. My family was plunged into crisis. We had to cope with job loss and trauma; we had to learn how to communicate. That is how I became involved in the Deaf community. I learnt BSL but the idea for Deaf Umbrella came during a career break. I knew how frustrated people were about the long waiting times for interpreter services and their general lack of support.