Fun French

My teaching career began in France in the 1990s. When I moved back to Britain with two young children I was anxious for them to retain their French language skills. I sought out a language school but had little success so decided to approach my daughter's day nursery with the offer of a few hours of French lessons each week. The sessions were a great success, lots of fun for all involved, and so Fun French Ltd was born.

Since the early days demand for Fun French Ltd lessons has grown and like-minded tutors have joined me in my quest to deliver fun and innovative classes to children and adults of all ages. Although our individual styles may differ slightly we all share the same enthusiasm for our subject and the same desire to make MFL learning a truly enjoyable experience.

So whether you are looking for lessons for your child, school or nursery, or for yourself or your business, contact Fun French Ltd and we will do our best to meet your requirements.