Prima Lingua

Established in 1996, Prima Lingua operate from three UK service centres, providing global language solutions to clients across the World. From vehicle manufacturers to power generation to components used in the NASA space program, Prima Lingua translate from and into most languages you can think of, in fact well over 300 combinations.

With the ability to handle any software, including specialist packages such as AutoCAD and ISOdraw, Prima Lingua deliver translation solutions right across your organisation, internally and externally. Delivering multi language managed content direct to your customer via online delivery platforms, Prima Lingua shorten the ‘time to market’ cycle.

From correspondence to tenders and contracts through to Installation, Operation and Maintenance manuals, web sites and software, Prima Lingua can integrate all your needs into one system.

Add to this the benefits of your own language database, inclusive use of translation memory tools, tailor made online delivery platforms and dedicated multi lingual project managers, and you will see why many of the Worlds best known organisations rely on Prima Lingua.